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A lot has changed in less than a week. In the period of a few days we received “eviction” notice from new owners, held our last service at Amber’s, and moved all our equipment into storage.
We have been pursuing any and all options but nothing substantial has opened up to us.
I am reminded of two passages. First, a single verse from Genesis.
Genesis 12:1 Now the LORD said to Abram, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.”
Imagine Abraham. Leaving everything he knows for something that hasn’t even been shown to him yet. He didn’t leave home FOR something else. He left without knowing where he was going.
I believe this is representative of Rock of Hope. Though we aren’t the fathers of a great nation, the journey God has called us to is not one of seeing by sight, but of believing by faith. Amanda and I picked up shop and “put all the cards on the table.” We went “all in” for the Dells even though we had no promise of the end result. We work to establish the foundation of a Gospel-preaching, life-bearing church in the Dells that will bear the fruit of glorious salvation for GENERATIONS to come.
This is not the time to give in. This is the time to commit yourself to the Lord new and afresh. To offer yourself as a living sacrifice to the Lord and say “here is my life Lord, it is yours; would you guide me how You want.”
The other passage I read this morning was 2 Kings 4:11-37. It is the story of a woman who has no children that God decides to bless with a child. This story is unique because every other story of a barren woman who receives a child has to do with God fulfilling a covenant promise. This woman was given a child just because God wanted to be kind.
But then God kills the child! But the woman reveals her utter dependency by clinging to the feet of the prophet Elisha (representative of Yahweh). The story reveals our utter helplessless to accomplish the things of God because Elisha receives no advance knowledge of the situation (which God usually gave him). His staff was of no use to revive the boy (compare to Moses’ staff that parted the Red Sea and gave the Israelites victory over the Amalekites.
No. Elisha is forced to rely on prayer (v. 33). Complete dependence on Yahweh. But interestingly enough, prayer doesn’t even bring the boy back to life. Elisha then carries out a series of seemingly strange actions. He lies on the boy. He paces the room once. He lies on the boy again. Finally the boy sneezes and his life comes back to him. I don’t think Elijah knew what to do. He gives everything to God in prayer and then proceeds to act. “Let me try this.” No answer. “Okay, I’ll try this.” No answer. “How about this?”
Here’s the application for Rock of Hope Church. Living by faith means trusting in God through prayer, walking forward even though we don’t see the answer in front of us, and believing that God will bring life on his timing.
Maybe you don’t know what you should be doing. What actions to take. That’s okay. Give your day and your life in to God in prayer, heaving yourself into the arms of God’s preposterous grace and then doing what God presents to you.
In Christ, God is for you. The Holy Spirit is praying for you. Jesus Christ has given you His righteousness and His inheritance. You can’t fail. So press on. Believe by faith that God is fulfilling His promises in your life and at Rock of Hope Church.

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One thought on “Walking by Faith

  1. Mary Petzold

    I pray for you your family and your church! Your faith in itself is a testimony! Let the Holy Spirit help you journey thru this difficult time!

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