Welcome to Rock of Hope Church!

We’re glad you’re here. We’d love for you to be with us in fellowship during the week and we hope the information here helps guide you there.

Why? Well, when we say, “Church”, we don’t mean the building we meet in or the website we maintain or the ministries we use to serve our community. We mean the people. If you’ve been in “church” culture for a length of time, you may know that in the New Testament the meaning of the word “church” was the “people called by God.” As people responded to God’s love, they were joined together into fellowships of people called churches.

The church was never meant to be a place to go to, but to be a part of. It was in the midst of those fellowships that God used the relationships of people to build His Kingdom as people prayed together, served together, mourned together, sang songs of worship together, gave together, and most importantly heard the Word of God preached. For it was the Word of God that guided the fellowship of followers into what was true about God, His Kingdom, His purposes, and the principles He wants His people to live by.

So with that in mind we say, Welcome to Rock of Hope Church! We hope you’ll come fellowship with us on a Sunday morning and let God work His love into your life.

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