In order to live out our mission, we align ourselves with 6 Gospel “Values”. They are principles that best encompass the Gospel message, what it means for our lives, and how it means our church should function so as to best honor God and work to see His Kingdom established.

  1. The Gospel Proclaims – Gospel-centered Preaching. When we understand the gospel, we will be compelled to proclaim the message of the Gospel in all its fullness and give the primacy of the worship service to preaching a cross-centered theology. The Word of God is life. It is how we know what life is and how it enters into our hearts. God, the Christian life, and the fellowship of the church cannot be understand without the Word of God to communicate it to us. We cannot see spiritual truths unless the Word of God actively reveals them to us through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, proclaiming the Word of God as truth is of primary importance in the Church and the Christian’s life. It is how we know how to understand the other Gospel Values.
  1. The Gospel Glorifies – God-oriented Worship. When we understand the gospel, we will be compelled to proclaim the glory of God by living an awe-centered life in worship to Him, honoring Him with our hearts. Our entire life is worship to God when we use our beings and lives for His glory, and this is reflected in singing his praises to His glory because it reveals that our hearts truly love him. Therefore, we do not worship with vain and careless words but by meaning and doing what we say from the heart.
  1. The Gospel Invites – Invitational Community. When we understand the gospel, we will be compelled to intentionally invite others to participate with us in the fellowship and communion of the Church, calling them to repent and follow Christ, participating in the mission of the God’s people. We will intentionally build relationships with people around us in order to be a true friend who loves them and seeks their eternal welfare.
  1. The Gospel Grows – Cross-focused Discipleship. When we understand the gospel, we will be compelled through grace to grow in Christ-likeness and maturity as His disciples, aligning ourselves with all His Kingdom statutes and principles, understanding that he calls us to hold to a sincere faith, believe sound doctrine, pursue holiness, and live out a desire to multiply disciples.
  1. The Gospel Sends – Incarnational Mission. When we understand the gospel, we will be compelled in live on mission among those whom we live, bearing witness as a light in darkness to the holiness and love of the Triune God who desires justice, mercy, love, compassion and forgiveness to define the life of His people among the lost and hopeless that we might be a light set on the hill in the midst of darkness, desiring God to open their eyes to see the truth of the Gospel message.
  1. The Gospel Enjoys – Delight and Contentment in Life. When we understand the gospel, we will enjoy the abundant gifts God has given us and be fully content with our lot and calling in life. Whatever our circumstance, we will seek to be filled with hope and joy, finding contentment in even the most destitute circumstances. Living in thankfulness and being grateful is honoring to God and pleases Him. We will forsake envy and greed which leads only to accumulating more possessions than we need, which will ultimately be long forgotten once we die. We enjoy what we have, knowing that our future, eternal wealth is far beyond comparison of anything we could have in this life.

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