Vision Statement

To see the nations wholly following Christ by living out the hope of the Gospel.

If we were to boil down that Gospel Foundation into a simple phrase of response to God’s action in our lives, we would say that our mission at Rock of Hope Church is to see the nations wholly following Christ by living out the hope of the Gospel. Meaning, as we live in response to the Gospel being received in our own lives, we will see others want to join us and live life along with us following Christ and working for His Kingdom.

We, as a church, want to see people from every nation, nationality, tribe, family, and language following Christ. We don’t just love those worthy of God’s love (for there is none), or those easy to love, or those similar to us, or those in close proximity to us. We love all people because God’s love covers the expanse of the universe.

The best way we know how to follow Christ and love people is to live out the hope of the Gospel. We will live according to God’s plans for our lives and demonstrate what is means to follow Christ as an example for others. As the great follower of Christ said, “imitate me as I imitate Christ.” (1 Corinthians 4:16, 11:1)

Mission Statement

Love. Serve. Multiply.

Or more completely…Love God then Others. Serve the Church then Community. Multiply Disciples then Churches.

Our mission statement should be viewed as a cyclical process. God initiates it as He loves us first. In response to His love, we love Him. As the Apostle Paul says, the love of God compels us to live for Him (2 Corinthians 5:14-15). As we understand the Gospel, we will be compelled to live in response to the Gospel.

Therefore, everything the follower of Christ does is in response to His great love for us. Because He loves us, we love others, even our enemies and those that persecute us. We love with an unselfish love that doesn’t expect anything in return. Love that even seeks the welfare of our enemies.

Love that isn’t tangible isn’t love, so we believe that we must be servants, actively working in the lives of others to let them see that there is a God who loves them and wants them to have true life, joy, and hope. We serve both the followers of Christ in the fellowship of the church, and the people in our community who don’t yet know the saving power of the love of God. We actively find ways to love them that will meet the specific, important needs they have.

As we go about becoming servants of the people around us, we also work to align their lives with the desires and purposes of Jesus Christ. Much like an employee might help a new employee “learn the ropes,” so also we walk alongside others in friendship, community and fellowship in order to “show them the ropes” of what it means to live for God’s Kingdom rather than building our own little kingdoms. We teach them what it means to stop living for themselves and live for God as a disciple of Jesus Christ. So we multiply the number of disciples living for God and His Kingdom.

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