Gospel Foundations

At Rock of Hope Church, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation for everything we believe and live. The Gospel flows from the pages of Scripture in the 66 books of the Bible which is the record of God actually speaking to His people. In these pages we see the story of a glorious, creator-God who is the source of everything that exists. He created the vast expanse of the universe to display His glory. Being a perfectly loving and relational God, He also desired to know the people He created and to live among them as their King, Servant, and Friend.

This God is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, holy, righteous, and just, deserving of all His creation to be in awe of Him, and to love, serve, obey and follow Him. However, all creation has rebelled against its Creator, sinning against His loving and righteous plans, and doubting His ways which are wholly right, true, perfect and satisfactory. As a result, all creation was placed under the curse of sin and is in bondage to sin and groans under the weight of its depravity. Individually, this means that every human is corrupt in heart and soul and has no desire to love God or seek after Him and to some extent, follows their own will, seeking to create their own hope and meaning in life.

Each one has fully sinned against God and abandoned a relationship with their Creator, and is subsequently deserving of a just penalty which is to experience the full breadth of God’s wrath, resulting in eternal death and continued separation from God, who is the only source of life, love, joy, hope, and peace.

In His magnificent love, God has sent God the Son, Jesus Christ as a perfect and satisfactory atonement for our sin. God calls people to repentance and to believe in Jesus Christ by faith for the forgiveness of sins. Through His death on the cross, Jesus redeems people through his death on the cross, anyone who would call upon Him for forgiveness. He sets sinners completely and perfectly free from the bondage of sin by dying in the place of condemned sinners. Having been forgiven, we stand justified in the presence of God, no longer under the stain and guilt of sin. Having been forgiven, God Himself now dwells within us through the Holy Spirit who gives us the very love and strength of God to live this life in fullness according to all the good commands and ways of God.

In response to this we are called to be disciples, followers of Christ who desire to love God with a whole and complete heart. We experience true joy and abundance of life as we live in obedience to God by living this life according to His principles and purposes. In part, we live to reject our old sinful desires and and seek His, which are perfectly live-giving, rejoicing in the hope of future glory with God in the new heaven.

We live this life in future anticipation of the glorious Day when Jesus Christ will return from Heaven to perfectly establish the new Heaven in which no evil, suffering, disappointment, frustration, sin, or anything contrary to God will be found.

Such an understanding of the gospel compels us at Rock of Hope Church to live out that hope of the gospel as God’s ambassadors. Those called by God have been entrusted with a great mission, given so that people would see the hope of eternal life in Jesus Christ. The people who already follow God, live out their lives in such a way so that people from all over the Earth would also wholly follow Christ, creating a beautiful multitude of redeemed people who join together as the Church, the gathering and fellowship of redeemed people.

Because Jesus Christ saves us and assembles us, and forms us together into a people that bear His image and carry out His mission, we are also called the body and bride of Christ. In this we must  act as God’s representatives on earth, living according to His purposes, putting aside our old selfish way of living, being perfected daily in holiness, and working towards the accomplishment of His eternal kingdom.


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