We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and The Gospel Coalition (TGC) and hold the general theological convictions of the SBC as outlined in the The Baptist Faith and Message  as well as the Confessional Statement  of TGC. We also seek to live out the hope of the Gospel in such as way that is faithful to the whole of Scripture as outlined by TGC in this Theological Vision for Ministry.

That said, we may not look or act like a “southern” Baptist church (this is the great North after all). We do seek to be a church that lives out the hope of the Gospel as proclaimed by Jesus Christ and lived out by His disciples and recorded in the New Testament.

If you are being called to something more, something deeper, a true biblical community that loves God and others wholeheartedly and proclaims the hope found in Jesus Christ, then Rock of Hope might be for you. Come participate with us. We have been praying for you.


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