Name: Aaron Ramquist
Position: Lead Pastor

Aaron is a pastor and church planter. He and his wife, Amanda, along with their 4 children desire to faithfully follow God wherever He leads.

His heart is for the Kingdom of God. In Revelation 7, we see a picture of the eternal, future, reign of Jesus Christ, with a innumerable gathering of people set apart as His Bride to worship Him, ascribing to Him all glory and honor and power, living in consummate joy in their presence of their creator.

When we look around the world, we still see so much brokenness and hopelessness, a far cry from the hope awaiting those who know Jesus Christ as Savior. We still see sin ravaging the nations. War, genocide, rape, sex slavery, and other atrocities pervade the news cycle. Yet amidst such apparent hopelessness, God is faithfully working His plan of redemption, calling people forth to life in Jesus. But as Paul states in Romans 10:14, God’s plan for people to respond to the hope of the Gospel is TO HEAR the Gospel.

We live in a world where over 2Billion people live in places where the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not been proclaimed.  Aaron’s vision is to plant churches in the “urban clusters” (towns smaller than 50,000 people and larger than 2,500; of which Wisconsin Dells is one) of the United States that become sending hubs to send ambassadors of the Gospel to places where Jesus is not yet known and then plant churches in those areas where the Church has not yet flourishing.

Pray with us that God would continue to lead us in His grace to accomplish the mission he has laid out before us.

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