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Last July, Amanda and I, along with two other couples and one family held our first Rock of Hope vision fellowship. Before we sang songs, we watched a video about a young Christian teenager in a country where Christianity is illegal. He told of the first time he attended a “church service.” Seventeen “people of the Way” gathered together in the dark of night, huddled together in the woods. He had turned 16 and his dad finally let him come along to worship with the other “people of the Way.” What an exciting time it was for him. It was purely fellowship together to worship the risen Savior and King.

Sunday, we are celebrating without a building. No countdown, no background music. No coffee. No snacks. But that’s okay, because we are “people of the Way” and not people of a building. My prayer is that you wait expectantly for what God is working in our midst.

We are meeting at 10AM at Newport Park. 70 County Rd A, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965. There is a large parking lot along with a picnic pavilion we will use for an “acoustic” service. Singing, preaching, praying, and then we will conclude with baptisms in the river. Please pray for the 4 people planning to be baptized. Pray for the pavilion to be available (it is first-come, first-serve). Pray for clear weather (there is a chance of thunderstorms). Pray that God would be glorified in us and through us. Pray that people would see the love, grace, and glory of God. Pray that people would be set free.

Following baptisms, feel free to bring a picnic lunch and we’ll eat and swim. We’ll grill burgers, brats, and hot dogs as well. We also have some water left over from the BBQ.

WHERE IS GOD LEADING YOU? This time in the history of Rock of Hope Church is also a good time to let God search your own heart and understand how God is molding and shaping you to fit at Rock of Hope. There are so many opportunities for service, for “ministry”, to love and serve people on Sunday and throughout the week. We were blessed to be at Ambers with basically no setup needed. We might end up in a temporary place that requires setup/takedown on Sunday mornings. There are opportunities for so many other ways to impact people, whether it’s through a community ministry you start mid-week, leading a bible study, helping to establish ministry to children, ministry to adults, ministry to families, serving your neighbors. Just because you don’t see it happening doesn’t mean God isn’t preparing you to lead or participate in something new. For example, there are several of the younger people holding a bible study on Wednesday for the international students. It doesn’t need to have the “Rock of Hope Church” name attached to it to be Kingdom work. But yet it is ministry flowing out of the church because it is the people of the church living out their lives because of the grace of God for the sake of life in others.

FUTURE SUNDAY MORNINGS. We have a lot of people looking at a lot of different places and spaces. Not much of substance has presented itself to us at this point, but I did meet with Brent Gasser, owner of Yogi Bear Yellowstone Campground, today at noon. They have offered to let us use a pavilion at no charge. It is open air and has seating for 200 people. We are free to hold services, organize a kids craft time after service, and they would put out an open invite to all campers at Yogi Bear (1000+) (NOTE: If any service-goers wanted to stay at Yogi Bear for the day, they could purchase an all-day activity pass for $10/person). The downside of the pavilion is that it is next to several pools which could be noisy and highway noise is present. But, we are welcome to bring a trailer with all our stuff, leave it at the campground, and setup and takedown on Sundays. Brent says we can have amplified services and its okay for the campground to hear the service. We will continue to pursue all opportunities as they arrive. Until then, consider this one.

CONGREGATIONAL MEETING. I’m hoping to plan a congregational meeting mid-week in the next couple/few weeks so that we can come together to fellowship, pray, talk, and answer questions. This would be for anyone with any interest in continuing with Rock of Hope, not just members.

Please plan to join us Sunday at Newport Park. I have no idea how this will work out but we are going “all in” and letting God work out the results.

Please also give me your initial feedback on the Yogi Bear campground and share your feedback with others. We need group discernment on this. See the attached picture. The campground would be available to us from Sunday, July 24th through the end of September.

Share this info with others, pray, and wait upon the Lord.

I love you all,


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  1. Jim

    Thanks for the update, Aaron. The campground sounds like a good option. Not only a place for the church body to gather and worship, but the ability to do so openly, with invitation to the campers to join. THAT is making a public statement! Luke 8:16 – No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light.

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