Everyone called by God to salvation is called to a life of a disciple. Simply put, being a disciple is following Christ, learning His ways and obeying them. Discipleship then is walking alongside each other to teach others to follow, learn, and obey Christ.

We desire to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples who…you get the idea. Give a person to fish, feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, feed them for a lifetime.

We believe that one-on-one discipleship is one of the most powerful avenues for growing in Christ and living out the hope of the Gospel. If you want to be in a discipleship relationship, call or email Aaron. We will walk with you on this journey of discipleship.

If you believe following God is about more than attending church, following a religious code of conduct, and knowing the right answers, then Rock of Hope might be the place for you.

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